Goodbyes don’t have to be hard. Just take my cheek with your lips and leave me with your sweetest smile. 

You think it’d be different in another life? Could we have found a way to stay friends? Or maybe even be together. Why do I play with such sentimental thoughts.. when you are already flying from me in that cruel airplane. I won’t be here when you get back from your little mission in life.. Here in this town where we met. Would you have come to say goodbye to me if you would have known? Would you have rejected this patient and nostalgic kiss I have been holding? Shall I save it still.. No.

If you ever feel the urge to tell me why you’ve been ignoring me and being “mean”.. don’t. I know how much you hate conflict resolution haha.
I want to remember you the way we used to be. The way you were just today in our final letters to each other. Sweet. Honest. And fucking adorable. Goodbye muneca.