Hang on.

If you’re looking for a “korean” guy, keep it pushing. I don’t know sht about kdrama, I grew up on Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Menace 2 Society. I don’t know sht about kpop, my ipod is filled with Big L and Aaliyah. I don’t dress preppy, I dress professional. And I don’t dig the delicate whiney style, I like a woman with strength and ambition. 

I sure hope you find what you’re looking for, I can be your friend along the way. But yal need to quit tryna hurt my feelings and stop being disappointed with the way I turned out.

When a person wants to be understood, but fails to understand.

In their mind they become the one right beacon of reason in the world, while they’re convinced the rest of the world is against them somehow.

Friend: Eric I think I’m starting to fall in love..


A woman is NOT a DVD. You can’t just skip over the damaged areas.

You can’t just play her for what she is then go on to the next. This thing called love aint nothin to play. Cause we all know anything/anyone we play is gonna be angry with us..

I don’t know why we keep giving somebody second chances when there’s people out there waiting for their first.

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